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     Company Profile

    Melika Food is leading producer of high quality agricultural products mainly dried apricots,dried figs,dried tomatoes.Our firm was founded in 1985 in Malatya.She has achieved initial success in the domestic market as growers and suppliers of dried apricots. Now she is eager t oto take place all over the world market.

    Our production facilities are based in Malatya and İzmir. The covered area of the newly constructed factory is 6.000 sqm where high technology process equipments are utilized. Our annual production capacity of our factory is 6.000 m/ton.

    Comprehensive quality,development programs all coalesce to congregate the diverse demands of our valuable customers. Consequently, our endeaver is to establish long standing relationship, that ensure Premium satisfaction.

    Our Principles are

    • Reiability
    • Consistancy
    • Quality
    • In time Delivery
    • Long Relationship
    • Compatible Price

    In our factories latest technology production systems monitored by experienced food engineers, this will enable us to exceed customers expactation. We are producing high quality products and services derived from HACCP standarts and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System. In addition to these for ISO 22000 adaptation work is going on.

    These standarts are catching a point of view on safety – innovation-respect triangle and determines safety layer with four elements as:

    • Safety in final product
    • Safety in service
    • Safety in company structure and organization
    • Safety in trade

    In this respect ‘ our aim and way’ is

    1. to be a business and sevice partner to our customers in actions not only in the words
    2. continuos improvement of quality and safety and continuosly review and modifying activities and process in order to have the challenges of ethical and high quality food production
    3. to allow ‘quality’ to renovate our life and world since we believe that ‘quality’is a life style and culture